Here at Awaken Naturally, I help you uncover parts of your past that have been hidden due to fear and pain.

Join me in my program to maximize your time, empower your infinite being, and generate the results you desire.



One on one coaching tailored just for you! In my coaching, I guide you in creating a unique catalyst for change. We will work together to unlock the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.


Body Communication

Discover your judgments on money, your body, and the relationships in your life! During this class, you will learn to empower and nurture yourself as well as expand your awareness and knowledge that you are an infinite being.


Cancer Video Series

Whether you are in recovery or it's someone you love, you're invited to join my webinars. In this 5 part series, you'll be given the tools to cultivate hope while also becoming a project of love!


Structured Water Units

Structured water raises the body's vibration to help facilitate and generate love, power, and transformation. Patrick Durkin of The Wellness Enterprise joins me in discussing how the Heart Device structured water unit holds a sacred geometry that allows for water to change with high frequency energy. 

To learn more about the science behind structured water units, please click here.

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